Give Plus+

Holy Ghost is pleased to now offer our members and guests the ability to give electronically!

The Website Option

The online website option allows you to give to a number of specific accounts, including tuition, special events, and tithing.  You can also give to multiple accounts in one donation!  Just follow the prompts below.  Use of the application does NOT require setting up an account with Vanco, but you will need to enter your contact information each time without and account.


The Give Plus+ Smart Device Option

Give Plus+ is a mobile app that gives you the ability to make donations, tithe, make tuition payments, or a number of other options through an application on your smart device.  The app is easy to use and convenient for members and guests that are on the go!  Instructions on how to install the application are below (click on the graphic or select the optional instructions below the graphic).  Select the Apple Store or Google Play site and download today!

Click the graphic below for step-by-step instructions on setting up your mobile account today!


Alternative resources from Vanco can be downloaded HERE.


If you have any questions about the specific funds, or have a suggestion for a fund to be added, contact Karen at