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Services to Resume - June 7 and 8

Holy Ghost Lutheran Church will resume public Divine Services with the Lord’s Supper beginning Sunday, June 7, 2020, Trinity Sunday. We will host three (3) Divine Services with the Lord’s Supper through the Summer to spread out the numbers at worship: 

Sundays - 9am and 11am

Mondays - 6.30pm

The Leadership of Holy Ghost also asks the following to help with the numbers on Sunday, June 7, 2020:

9am Divine Service: Any families not connected to 8th Grade Graduation

11am Divine Service and 8th Grade Graduation: Families, Staff, and BCDS Members only please

A Reception for the 8th Grade Graduates will be held later in the summer (tentatively late July, early August)

Sundays (in general) June 14 throughout August 30:

9am Divine Service w/Lord’s Supper

11am Divine Service w/Lord’s Supper

Mondays (through August 31)

6.30pm Divine Service w/Lord’s Supper


Holy Ghost will resume these services with the following safety measures:

We encourage the sick, compromised, and those who are yet “uncomfortable” to stay home.

We will continue to record a service and post on Holy Ghost Lutheran YouTube Channel. Bulletin News will continue to be emailed to families. Limited copies will be available at services (cost saving measure).

We will encourage social distancing as best we can. This may include marking off pews for seating.

We encourage the use of masks but this is a personal choice.

The Children’s Message will be done from the front of the church but children will remain with families.

Use of the Nursery and access to the Choir Loft is restricted. Please check with an Usher first.

We encourage elbow and fist bumps as you greet each other and in the receiving line.

We will sanitize pews, doors, door handles and knobs, rails, etc. in between services.

We will have hand sanitizing stations at the two entrances/exits of the church.

We will have ushers open the doors (touchless entry), and congregants can pick up their own bulletins and take home with them (touchless worship). Worship service will be printed out in its entirety through the Summer as an additional safety measure (hymnals and Bibles have been removed from pews).

We ask that offering envelopes be placed in the receptacle at the entrance to the church (no passing of plates) for those not giving their tithes and financial gifts digitally.

Distribution of the Lord’s Supper: 

a) Pastor and Assistant(s) will sanitize hands. 

b) The Common Cup will not be used for reception until further notice. 

c) Communion will take place in a modified, socially-distanced, continuous line. Only one line. 

d) The host will be placed into the hand, not directly into the mouth.

e) The individual cup will be handed to the communicant.

Faith & Fun Hour and Pastor’s Bible Class will resume in September.

May our gracious Lord and God bless and keep us as we strive by His Spirit to feed and to protect His people as we gather together in the name of Jesus to receive His gifts. The Lord be with you all.

Resources for Worship and Spiritual Growth

Here are some resources for worship and spiritual growth while we are apart:

Worship Anew (30 minute worship service online): 

Dr. Walter A. Maier III was a professor of mine at Concordia, Chicago and at seminary, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. A quality man!

I'm sure that all the pastors and professors are quality servants of the Lord! A good resource at any time!

Lutheran Hour Ministries:

Men's Network from Lutheran Hours Ministries:

Great resources and Bible Studies for men and for families! Check them out!


Some more high quality devotional, Bible Study materials.

Look to Holy Ghost Facebook page and Website for video devotions for all ages as well.

In Christ,

P Cullen


Luther's advice on conduct during the Plague:

As we continue to adapt and cope with the upheaval of this virus we remember that the Lord is a very present help in time of need.

Praying for you all and miss you!

Look for a video Sunday morning, March 22 as well as other resources to help in your spiritual walk and growth at this time.

In Jesus,

P Cullen

Services Cancelled

It's not what I wanted and, most likely, not what you wanted either but to support the community effort to halt the spread of the virus and in accordance with the CDC recommendation of no gatherings over 10, we have cancelled services for Sunday, March 22 and March 29 as well as the Lenten Midweek service for March 25. 

However, we will be making devotional videos for your use in addition to the resources I listed below. The plan is this:

Sunday morning devotion will be shared/posted around 9am on Holy Ghost FB and Website page as well as YouTube.

Chapel devotions will be shared/posted at the same sites on a weekly basis, Wednesday mornings at 9am.

It is my prayer that these devotions, along with your personal devotions and the resources I posted earlier will help support your spiritual life and growth during this time...and beyond!

Of course, if you need or want me to visit, need to talk, or need some groceries, etc., reach out to me on my cell 734.652.4373 and we'll talk, arrange a personal visit, or arrange a visit at church. I encourage you to follow the recommendations the best you can. Luther's advice some 5 centuries ago is being echoed today by the CDC and others. Read here:

I keep you in my prayers, dear brothers and sisters at Holy Ghost. Please pray with me to the Lord of all who gives ultimate healing in Jesus crucified and raised from the dead in whom we have the living hope of the resurrection of the body and of life everlasting!

Kindest regards in Jesus,

P Cullen

Thank You!

Please accept my thanks and my family's thanks for the wonderful celebration and reception associated with my installation as Pastor of Holy Ghost Lutheran. I give thanks to God who has called me to serve Him and you, His people, at Holy Ghost Lutheran. To God Be the Glory!



These 3 words encapsulate the focus I have proposed for the church and school.

We are a confessing people of God - those who confess the truths of the Christian Faith taught in the Holy Scriptures and faithfully set forth in the Three Creeds and the Lutheran Confessions, chiefly that the sinner is justified by God's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. (Ephesians 2.4-10)

As a result of this gracious work of our Triune God in us as His people, we are a serving community - saving faith is evidenced by works as we love our neighbor, as we live out our vocations (places) in life. (Ephesians 2.10) By serving we reveal the very character of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who came, not to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many. (St. Mark 10.45)

As a result of the work of our Triune God in our lives we are a growing people - we grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ as we hear the Spirit-inspired Word of God and receive HIs Supper, we grow in serving, and we grow, by God's grace, visibly as God joins to our community new believers who call on His name and praise Him who is the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. (Acts 2.42, 47)


Pastor Lee Cullen