It's not what I wanted and, most likely, not what you wanted either but to support the community effort to halt the spread of the virus and in accordance with the CDC recommendation of no gatherings over 10, we have cancelled services for Sunday, March 22 and March 29 as well as the Lenten Midweek service for March 25. 

However, we will be making devotional videos for your use in addition to the resources I listed below. The plan is this:

Sunday morning devotion will be shared/posted around 9am on Holy Ghost FB and Website page as well as YouTube.

Chapel devotions will be shared/posted at the same sites on a weekly basis, Wednesday mornings at 9am.

It is my prayer that these devotions, along with your personal devotions and the resources I posted earlier will help support your spiritual life and growth during this time...and beyond!

Of course, if you need or want me to visit, need to talk, or need some groceries, etc., reach out to me on my cell 734.652.4373 and we'll talk, arrange a personal visit, or arrange a visit at church. I encourage you to follow the recommendations the best you can. Luther's advice some 5 centuries ago is being echoed today by the CDC and others. Read here:

I keep you in my prayers, dear brothers and sisters at Holy Ghost. Please pray with me to the Lord of all who gives ultimate healing in Jesus crucified and raised from the dead in whom we have the living hope of the resurrection of the body and of life everlasting!

Kindest regards in Jesus,

P Cullen