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The Constitution and By-Laws of Holy Ghost Lutheran Church


Emergency Drill Records 2017-2018

Fire Drill 9/13/17 Completed   Tornado Drill 11/30/17 Completed    Lockdown 4/23/18 Completed
Fire Drill 10/17/17 Completed    Tornado Drill 4/11/18 Completed        
Fire Drill 3/28/18 Completed                

Emergency Drill Records 2018-2019

Fire Drill 9/11/18 Completed   Tornado Drill 9/21/18 Completed   Lockdown 9/26/2018 Completed
Fire Drill 4/9/19  Completed   Tornado Drill 3/27/19  Completed        

Emergency Drill Records 2019-2020

Fire Drill 9/6/2019 Completed   Tornado Drill 8/28/2019 Completed   Lockdown 10/4/2019 Completed
Fire Drill 10/16/2019 Completed   Tornado Drill    COVID Quarantine    Lockdown  3/11/2020 Completed
Fire Drill 1/30/2020 Completed                
Fire Drill    COVID Quarantine                
Fire Drill    COVID Quarantine                

Emergency Drill Records 2020-2021

Fire Drill 9/10/2020 Completed   Tornado Drill       Lockdown    
Fire Drill       Tornado Drill       Lockdown    
Fire Drill                    
Fire Drill                    
Fire Drill                    



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